CHASERS is a 3D endless runner full of magic and a pinch of humor in which you're the one who chases, not the one who runs away.

Join an awesome adventure!

It's time to become the one who chases!

Dodge obstacles, cast powerful spells and knock out robbers and giants to get back stolen coins in CHASERS, a fantasy-themed endless running game full of magic and a pinch of humor!

Run through a town

in which goofy gnome robbers and giants await to stop you.

Dodge obstacles

avoid dangerous traps and throw magic stones at your derpy enemies to get back stolen coins.

Play as Chase

his sister Chasy or one of their friends, Bobby or Daisy.

Cast powerful spells

that make you even more unstoppable on your running adventure.

Complete quests

to level up chasers and unlock rewarded achievements.

Feel the thrill

of the chase and the satisfaction of knocking out robbers.

Get caught

in an addictive and dynamic gameplay with smooth and intuitive swipe controls.


a spellbound, vivid and breathing world with a unique atmosphere.

Experience fabulous 3D graphics

with beautiful and colorful hand-painted textures as well as amazing visual effects.

Run past high scores

of your friends to become the best chaser ever!


Two thematic expansion packs

After Dark and Let It Snow

CHASERS - CHASERS AfterDark Splash



Implementation details

CHASERS has been developed from scratch to release for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and HTML5 using modern and multiplatform solutions, including Unreal Engine.

Our studio created all aspects of the game, including:

Game design

gameplay design, multiplatform design of the game architecture and core

Gameplay programming

efficient and mobile-optimised level streaming, animations, physics, collisions, sounds, lighting, shaders, particles and other effects, character control and management with a variety of abilities and powers-ups, player statistics, and user interface


focused on mobile and low-end devices, achieved 3 times more frames per second on a Google Pixel phone

Game replayability features

engaging missions, special events, achievements, leaderboards, playing with friends, collectibles and shop


ads (interstitial and rewarded videos), in-app purchases (microtransactions)

Platform specific services

Apple Game Center, Google Play Services, Steamworks, Amazon, Facebook (login and sharing)

Cloud backend

player profiles and management, saving progress and data in the cloud, analytics, A/B testing, anti-cheat protection, automatic crash reporting

Deployment and maintenance

publishing on the Apple App Store, Google Play, Steam, Amazon Appstore, providing maintenance and regular updates

CHASERS - UnrealEngine

About our inspiration

We love endless runners, so when we started to make our dream come true, we decided to develop such kind of a game in Unreal Engine 4. We wanted to put our own spin on the genre and make the whole think more like a fairytale, thus we imagined a fantasy-themed world full of magic in which a protagonist would be the one who chases, not who runs away. That’s way, at the end of the day, we called the game CHASERS! We can’t wait to put our ideas into practice and share our creations with the world. Get ready for new cool characters, amazing spells, awesome worlds to explore, and much more. We still have a lot of tricks up our sleeves!

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